The 3D scans acquired through terrestrial or drone scanning, enhanced with high-resolution photographs, facilitate data collection across vast environments at a specific moment. These geolocated data provide a solid and comprehensive foundation for in-depth analysis, time-based comparisons, inspection, and/or modeling. It’s an unlimited source of information that can be easily accessed from the office and conveniently archived.

Services offered:

  • 2D Site Survey and Mapping (roads, foundations, aerial wires, signage, etc.)
  • Integration of the digital twin into various 3D drawing software for direct design in existing conditions. Compatible software: Civil 3D, Navisworks, Revit, AutoCAD, Tekla, SDS2, SketchUp, Solidworks, Civil 3D, NavisWorks, and more.
  • Crack Mapping
  • Topographic Survey
  • Site Monitoring
  • Volumetrics
  • Inspection of hard-to-reach areas
  • Quality Control
  • Analysis of slab flatness (ASTM E1155 Standard)
  • Facade Inspection (law 122)
  • Deformation analysis for various structures such as bridges, roads, towers, dams, tunnels, silos, warehouses, etc.
  • Building facade survey to ensure its verticality in compliance with Building Act 122 of the Quebec Building Board
  • Infrastructure movement studies over time (4D)

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