Civil and Road Infrastructure | Topographic Survey

Ground-based or drone LiDAR, combined with high-resolution photos, can be used to gather a wealth of information on vast environments. Once this information has been collected and processed, topographic, architectural, and facade surveys are generated, which can then be used for the design, layout, construction, inspection, and maintenance of civil engineering structures.

  • Creation of 2D drawings from existing condition survey (roads, manholes, overhead wires, signage, etc.)
  • Integration of the geolocalized digital twin in various 3D modeling software to draw directly within the existing conditions. Compatible software: Civil 3D, NavisWorks, Revit, AutoCAD, Tekla, SDS2, SketchUp, Solidworks, and many more
  • Crack mapping
  • Topographic survey
  • Job site supervision
  • Quality control
  • Floor flatness and plumbness report
  • Deformation reports for various structures, such as bridges, roads, towers, dams, tunnels, silos, warehouses, etc.
  • Building facade verticality inspection to ensure compliance with Bill 122 of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec
  • Structural movement studies over time (4D)

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