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At SoluScan 3D, we use 3D laser scanners to perform site surveys, 3D modeling and carry out BIM coordination projects.

This revolutionary laser scanning technology allows us to digitally recreate with utmost accuracy any space, whether it is interior, exterior, big or small, and to extract a multitude of information from it.
A five-minute scan records 58 million points. Therefore, by performing multiple scans at different locations and merging them together, we can generate a comprehensive 3D digital copy of the existing conditions, called a point cloud. This point cloud, made up of millions of points located in space, comes with 360º high-resolution pictures.

From this highly detailed digital data, it becomes possible to model all the existing elements (structures, piping, walls, mechanical systems, claddings, etc.) and transform them into solid forms, if necessary. The extent of the modeling depends on the level of detail required for each project.
Whether you are a structure manufacturers, designers, and detailers, general contractors, engineering firms, architects, plant and assembly line owners, or cities, you will benefit greatly from this innovative, fast, reliable, high-precision, and, most of all, affordable technology. Our services cover, but are not limited to, the province of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, and the states of Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York.

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3D Scanning and Modeling Services Custom-Made for Your Industry

SoluScan 3D assists you in your large-scale projects by providing you with the best of what the 3D scanning and modeling technology has to offer. Identifying your needs and making sure they are met is our number one priority. Whatever business sector you are in, with our 3D solutions, the planning, and execution of your projects will never be this simple.

With state-of-the-art equipment and software, SoluScan 3D offers many advantages: data accuracy, reduced time on site, easy data sharing among collaborators, and, above all, personalized customer service. All these features help minimize unexpected problems on the construction site and thus avoid delays and additional costs.

SoluScan 3D also offers its expertise in BIM coordination. Whether it is for project management, consulting, or technical support, we will be there to assist you throughout this digital shift.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

3D scanning is starting to play a big role in the construction industry. Scans can serve several purposes and are a lot more efficient, precise, and economical than traditional methods.

  • Creation of a point cloud geo-located in space using control points or gridlines.
  • Integration of the point cloud in various 3D drawing software to draw directly within the existing conditions (compatible software: Revit, Autocad, Tekla, SketchUp, etc.).
  • 3D modeling from the point cloud (scan to BIM) according to the level of development (LOD) required.
  • Reproduction of 2D plans.
  • Complete, accurate, and fast measurements of any space, including hard-to-reach locations.
  • Production of plumbness reports, and floor analyses for certification purposes.
  • Determining areas (facades, roofs, parking lots, etc.).
  • Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC).
  • Production of as-built 3D models that are very useful to general contractors, clients, and insurance companies once the construction work is completed.
  • to connect miscellaneous metals, curtain walls, pre-cast slabs or walls, etc.
  • Clips survey to connect miscellaneous metals, curtain walls, pre-cast slabs or walls, etc.

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

With the use of 3D scanners, it is now possible to design and detail new projects directly into the existing conditions. By merging the new mechanical units, pipes, conveyors, tanks, etc. into the existing conditions, the risk of encountering problems during transportation and installation is reduced.

  • Producing plant layouts to coordinate the installation of new interior or exterior equipment, machinery, conveyors, piping, etc.
  • Production of equipment transportation plans to ensure the smooth and efficient handling of new equipment until it reaches its final location.
  • Efficient and timely industrial relocation planning.
  • Importing the modelized scan into the Solidworks software (or others) to draw directly within the existing conditions.

Other Applications

Whatever your needs or sector of activity, 3D scanning can benefit you. Our team will put its expertise and 3D solutions to work to help you achieve your projects in no time.

  • Rental space certification using the Building Owner Manager Association (BOMA) measurement method.
  • Volume measurements (gravel pits, sand pits, mines, etc.).
  • Materials, equipment, and personal belongings inventories for insurance companies.
  • Survey for evacuation plan design.

Digital Shift

BIM coordination is becoming a standard in the construction industry. SoluScan 3D is there to work along general contractors to ensure a smooth transition to this new coordination process.

  • BIM coordination.
  • Supervision and support during the integration of BIM coordination within the company.
  • Consultation service or technical support.

Engineering and Civil Works

The 3D scanning technology now allows us to monitor changes of structures, ground, or civil work overtime by comparing scans taken at different moments in time.

  • Deformation reports for various structures, such as bridges, towers, tanks, warehouses, buildings under construction, etc.
  • Building facade verticality inspection to ensure compliance (Bill 122 of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec).
  • Structural movement studies over time (4D).

Virtual Tours and Heritage Conservation

Our scanners also capture 360° high-resolution pictures (HDR) using their 10MP cameras. Therefore, cities, museums, historic sites, parks, and the public can also benefit from the services offered by SoluScan 3D.

  • Digitization of historic monuments and parks for virtual tours or conservation.
  • Virtual tours for house and commercial building sales.
  • Virtual tours of museums with potential 3D immersion using virtual reality glasses/equipment.
  • Masonry mapping.
  • Digitization of archeological sites and artifacts.

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